Do you believe in Reincarnation?

Let me diverse a little bit, and ask others if they ever has the feeling or had a fascination with certain people or places that seem so familiar. Could this be a sign of a past life way back in our hidden memories? Or maybe it's just a fascination of mine for information of what the lives of past history were like. But, mainly certain kinds of history are most fascinating to me.

I wonder, why I feel that once I was an Egyptian, I have watched shows and read everything I can about them. I feel a sense of being there once, I see myself walking the markets, seeing the temples, wandering near the pyramids and living in mud huts along the Nile. It seems like I was there, and reading and watching about it just brings me into a dreamlike movie like I am seeing myself in those pictures.

Another fascination or memory is of being a early American Indian probably in the days before the Europeans arrived to settle here. I see myself living in a stick hut with animal skins as a covering for it, and living in the woods subsisting on what nature provides.

Another memory is being a young person traveling in a wagon train, crossing the plains to the West. When I read about or watch shows about the hardships the pioneers lived by, its like a re-enaction of past memories of my own experiences.

I don't know if you experience the same as me, but when I read a book, article, or watch a movie concerning the above subjects, something inside me tells me I am watching or reading about experiences that I have had before. I see a story so familiar or my mind says, " I knew that." that it seems strange to me and I can't stop till the story's over. Reading or seeing shows about other things don't strike me the same way that the above subjects do, so, yet I wonder what is the connection?

Do others of you get a similar feeling about things experienced in their lives, I wonder? I think there might be something like past lives or re-incarnation.


Mallard said...

I'm not wholly convinced about the whole concept of 'reincarnation' (or whatever different people describe it as). However, I've often had a very strong sense of Deja vu upon visiting different places or reading/watching about different places. I can't describe it, but there's some sort of connection deep down in my being - whatever that may be, I don't know. 'Deja Vu' is kinda the wrong way to describe it, but it's a feeling that I've not only been there before, but I've spent some time living or closely associating with a particular place, even if I've never been there. Interesting.

Mind you, I'm totally convinced that the human brain is a huge organ that is practically a mystery to all of us - what goes on with the 95% (or whatever it is) of our brains that we donlt consciously use - that's always been an intrest to me - an unanswerable intrest, but still intreging all the same :)

Mal :o)

caroline said...

My wondering is why i have such a fasination for heart objects.. I don't understand it..but as far as reincarnation i don't think that i have any cell memories but i do have alot of deja vu happen alot

wendy said...

I think it has to do with all thows books you read and If it does have something to do with a past life ,I think maybe it's your family that are resting watching you and letting you see wait they see or seen.maybe?