Sunday - Darin's 11th Birthday Party

On Sunday we were invited to Darin's 11th birthday party at a local bowling alley. Caroline had entered his birthday and won a bowling birthday party. The two hours of bowling was free, we just paid for shoe rentals. The neighbors came along, and also my cousin's son, Steve, who has become a best friend of Darin's. My husband even bowled, and he hasn't done that in many years. I could not bowl as my right hand is not co-ordinated, or strong enough. We all had a great time. The kids had been learning a lot since they bowled in a family league last fall, and they did well. Caroline brought his cake to the party. Here's a little view of some of the fun we had.
Darin with cousin Steve toasting his birthday

Caroline with her Dad Bowling

Neighbors bowling

Amber was pleased with her

bowling score

Happy Birthday to a really great Young Man- DARIN !


Mallard said...

Good to see everyone enjoying things.

Umm... Wndy... is your mum's blog the place to bring up something like that? Surely you should talk about things like that in private with ur mum, eh? There's a good girl! lol

Mallard said...

Sorry 'bout that, Gammamom - not my place to say things like that. Accept my apols.

wendy said...

Happy birthday Darin your getting to be a great young man.I love you