Boomer escapes Posted by Hello

When he reached the living room, he scooted behind the media center and hid for a little bit, then quickly headed for the kitchen. There was some familiar things he had seen from his bubble, but there was also so many nooks and crannies that looked intriging. He was never able to explore there before. He hurriedly ducked into the crack between the stove and cupboards into a strange, dark world he have never seen before. There was tall drawers he climbed into and out of, and he was having a merry old time exploring the new space. In one drawer was a big bag of bird seed, so he packed his cheeks with some, so save for later on in his journey.

Upon climbing down the last drawer he explored, Boomer saw movement in the dark and went to see what it could be. It scurried along the wall and Boomer followed. Suddenly there was a little light in the area coming from a small mouse hole in the wall and that's where Boomer met Buddy. Buddy was a Daddy mouse who has been occupying the interior of the wall with his nest of 5 little baby mice. In the corner, Buddy's wife, Sarah guarded the babies who peeked out from behind her. Boomer tried to introduce himself to Buddy. Buddy just stood there looking at him with a strange look on his face. Buddy was wondering just was was this strange animal with the big cheeks was standing before him.

Buddy said, "What are you? And what are you doing here?" Boomers stepped up and told him, "I'm Boomer the hampster and I'm out here exploring this new world I found. What are you?" "I'm Buddy and we're a mouse family. We've been living here searching for food to feed my family here." Said Buddy as he motioned behind him. Sarah was in the corner sheltering her babies in the nest and she pressed herself further back into the darkness.