Boomer escapes to Darin Posted by Hello
With one great leap, Boomer was up on the edge of the couch and he scrambled onto
Darin's lap. "Boomer!" shouted Darin. "Where have you been so long?" Darin quickly picked him up and turned on the light to look at him better. "Oh! He's hurt!" yelled Darin. Darin then washed his hampster's sore head and hugged him against his cheek. "We've been looking for you for so long!" Darin murmured. At that, Darin put Boomer back into the cage with Nicky while he watched them snuggle together at their bowl.

After a good meal and a big drink, Nicky and Boomer climbed up together into their chamber and huddled close together for a long nap. "I've had enough adventure for a while, it's good to be home."

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