A little about daughter #2 WENDY

I have been reminded by my daughter Guendalyn, who I have always called Wendy,(my favorite name) that I have not ever written in my blog about her. I am sorry for that! It wasn't intentional.

Wendy is Caroline's youngest sister, but only a year and a half younger. They grew up more like twins, but so different in personalities. Caroline was tough,a fighter,and fiercely independent at a young age, and Wendy was the sensitive and a devout church goer. Wendy being younger, would master anything her older sister did, at an earlier age.

In alliance with arrangements with her sister, Wendy comes over every week, mostly on Fridays and helps me tremendously with house cleaning, (like washing walls, floors and cabinets), caring for my garden beds, and generally fixing things up nice. She has even offered to paint the walls. She is the hardest worker and goes above and beyond anything we ask of her. She is so caring and has given me so much support through my illnesses and my recoveries. She's my youngest baby and I love her so much. I don't how I could have done as well without her help. (Heavens! Because I couldn't do too much for quite a while after my illnesses)
KissesShy I Love You

She is the mother of Sarah and Matthew (aka; Buddy)and has her hands filled with taking care of two young children. Matthew is only 5 years old and at the tender age of 2, could master games on the computer as well as her sister, Sarah, who is 8. Even without knowing how to read. He and his sister are very knowledgeable about Pokeman games and cards and have a vast collection of both. Matthew and Sarah are very smart and I love them very much and look forward to seeing them grow up.
Love And Kisses

I am so proud of the two daughters I have raised, I am so glad they care so much for me and their Dad. We cannot repay them enough!



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Thanks Mom that really made my day to see that,love you so so much

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